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Riesen Zander in Schweden mit Angelguide

13 year old Niklas catches Monster Zander

93cm and 8.450g zander: 13 year old Niklas came with his mom for a fishing vacation and a guided tour with Fishing in Sweden guide Henrik Olsson. Henrik introduced Niklas to pelagic vertical jigging and guided him to this 93cm and 8.450g monster zander which struck Niklas’ Twinteez 8″ in the color “Bass Orange” without […]

Big trout Sweden caught while fishing vertical in lake Vättern.

Is this the biggest trout caught vertical jigging in Sweden?

Recently our fishing guide Henrik Olsson went for two days of vertical speed jigging for char on lake Vättern with Florian Läufer and Christian Fuchert from the German fishing magazine Rute & Rolle. On the first day of fishing the char weren’t feeding actively and fishing was tough. At the end of the day, the […]

Big pike in Sweden as bycatch caught while pelagic vertical jigging for zander.

Big Pike as Bycatch while Zander Fishing

Big pike are not an uncommon bycatch when pelagic vertical jigging for zander in Sweden during summer. This mean predator brutally attacked my Westin Twin Teez 8″ color “baitfish” presented in free water a few days ago. Behaviour of Big Pike in Sweden With water temperatures being fairly high during summer, big pike have now […]

Learn pelagic vertical jigging with a fishing guide from Fishing Sweden.

Learn pelagic vertical jigging

The past 3 days Henrik spent teaching pelagic vertical jigging during several guided fishing tours to Fabian and David from Switzerland. The 2 jig-fishing experts had been searching hard to find a professional fishing guide teaching this very specialized method and concluded that Fishing in Sweden might be the only once offering this unique experience […]

Zander Fishing: Pelagic Vertical Jigging

Pelagic Vertical Jigging for Zander

Jakob was curious about pelagic vertical jigging and decided to book a guided tour with Fishing in Sweden to learn the tricks. On todays tour his biggest zander was this awesome 85 cm beast who brutally locked its jaws around a Westin-Fishing Slim Teez 9” color Alabama. The Fishing in Sweden Team.

Pelagic Vertical Jigging for Zander

„Šiandien kimba“ visits

„Šiandien kimba“ visits : All our Lithuanian fans should definitely check out the following two episodes from „Šiandien kimba“ that visited us in the beginning of May 2014. Pelagic verical jigging for zander episode 1: Pelagic vertical for zander in Sweden episode 2: