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Pike Fishing Sweden with new Westin Shad Teez

Earlier this week Fishing in Sweden went spin fishing for pike to test the new Westin-Fishing Shad Teez, that is to be released in spring 2015. The new shads come in a number of different colors and sizes – 9, 12, 16, 22 and 27 cm. We tested the 22 cm and 27 cm versions shown in the image below.

Mounted on a shallow-screw the 27 cm version soon proved too be a true magnet for big (and small) pike lurking in the weeds. Since we mainly fished in very shallow water the shallow screws were perfect for rigging the shads. Read more on how to rig a shad with a shallow screw at the end of this article.

Pike in Sweden: spin fishing for big pike.

After 2 days fishing we could look back on a number of really big pike, with the biggest scoring 118 cm! No doubt this lure will always have a special place in my heart / tackle box! / Henrik Olsson

The Fishing gear used:
Lure: Westin-Fishing Shad Teez
Rod: Westin W4 Power Cast
Reel: Quantum Smoke
Boat: Alumacraft 1236 by WestGear AB

Big Pike Fishing in Sweden Video

Watch our short “Big Pike Fishing in Sweden” video and get your hands on some free 27cm Westin Shad Teez. Read the YouTube video description for all the details and spread the film to increase your chances of a free Shad!

Pike Fishing in Sweden continued

A few days later: Armed with the new Westin-Fishing Shad Teez we have been out hunting for big pike again. It turned out to be a busy day with with lots of pike caught and 6 specimens over a meter in length.
Can’t wait to get out there again! / Henrik Olsson

How to rig a shad with a shallow screw

Rigging shads can be done in many different ways, here’s a basic version for shallow pike fishing using a “shallow screw”. This particular screw has two eyes which I prefer. Hooks are held in place using “stinger spikes”. The rig can also be made with split rings for each hook and one or both hooks can be pushed straight in the lure if preferred, skipping the spikes. Always include a swivel at the screw.

How to rig a shad with a shallow screw.

The weight of the rig helps to balance the lure but often additional weight is needed underneath to prevent it from tipping over to the side, specially for faster retrieve. Put a few split shots on to the wire and test your way, 1 – 3 gram is enough. By doing this you can also influence the way the lure sinks by sliding the split shots forward or backwards on the wire.

How to rig a shad with a shallow screw?

I also use shallow rigged shads with great success for slow trolling with side planers. In this case with a weight far in front of the lure on the up trace or mainline to bring it to desired depth.

The screw I use is the Dj screw from Darts but there are others too. Stinger spikes are from Spro. I use 80 lb coated wire and hooks in sizes 1/0-3/0, depending on size of lure.

/ Henrik Olsson

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