Lake Vättern Fishing, Sweden

By surface area lake Vättern is the 5th biggest lake in Europe and an exiting place for fishing. The crystal clear water allows a line of sight of about 15m and is home to about 31 fish species. Fishing in Lake Vättern however mainly focuses on char Fishing and salmon fishing. Most other fish species are fairly spread out and at times hard to locate or not that interesting for lake Vättern fishing. Especially if you are looking for Pike Fishing in Sweden or Zander Fishing in Sweden it is better to concentrate on the smaller lakes surrounding Vättern as chances for success are much better there. No matter what you are looking for, our professional fishing guide Henrik Olsson will help you pick the right lake and catch your dream fish.

Our guided fishing tours on lake Vättern mainly focus on char fishing with salmon or trout as an occasional by-catch. Char and trout is native to lake Vättern while salmon is not and is put there yearly as a replacement for a unique large trout strain that went extinct in the 1920s as a result of the construction of the Motala Power Plant. Traditionally trolling is the most common method of fishing on lake Vättern, but we can offer a revolutionary and much more exciting method on our guided fishing tours: Vertical Speed Jigging with light gear. Usually carried out pelagically at depth of up to 20m, you will be able to see the char chasing your lure in real time on the sonar screen. Due to the chars fast and aggressive behavior this method is clearly the most exiting way of fishing for char on lake Vättern. To book a fishing guide for your lake Vättern Fishing trip contact us here.

Because of its size, fishing lake Vättern is not an easy task. A save and successful fishing trip has to be well prepared, requires a lot knowledge and good equipment. Therefore we strongly recommend going out with one of our professional fishing guides instead of going out on your own. Our guide will make sure that the weather is suitable, brings a well equipped boat with all needed safety equipment and has tremendous experience in navigating and fishing lake Vättern. To book a fishing guide for your lake Vättern Fishing trip contact us here.

To learn more about lake Vättern in Sweden you can download the following document or visit Wikipedia’s page about lake Vättern.

Download: Welcome to lake Vättern