Fishing in Sweden in Press & Media

So far Fishing in Sweden has appeared in the following magazines and TV productions:

Denmark: Sportsfiskeren, June 2018, Page 39 – 42

“Svenske Vertikal-Røddinger”

Summary: Our Fishing guide Henrik Olsson takes the two Danes, Henrik Larsen and Gordon P. Henriksen, on a crazy char fishing trip on lake Vättern.

Download article: Svenske Vertikal-Røddinger

Sweden: Gädda – Fiskejournalen, March 2018, Page 50 – 60

“Intensivkurs –  Vertikal Fiske efter Gädda”

Summary: Mathias Larsson and Martin Falklind from the Swedish fishing magazin Fiskejournalen want to learn pelagic vertical fishing for big pike. In this article you will follow the two novices getting an intensive course from a true pro – our Fishing guide Henrik Olsson.

Download article: Intensivkurs – Vertikal Fiske efter Gädda med Henrik Olsson

Lithuania: Fishing TV Show “Šiandien kimba”, October 2017, 2 Episodes

Watch on YouTube: Pelagic verical jigging for zander, episode 1

Watch on YouTube: Fishing in Sweden, episode 2

Switzerland: Petri Heil, Mai 2016, Page 64 – 67

“Saibling auf Schwedisch – Vertikales Speedjigging auf dem Vättern See”

Summary: Fishing guide Henrik Olsson introduces the reader to a new method: vertical speed jigging for char on lake Vättern in Sweden.

Download article: Saibling fischen in Schweden – Vertikales Speedjigging auf dem Vättern See

Germany: Der Raubfisch, January 2016, Page 92 – 95

“Räuber am Rande”

Summary: Thomas Wendt from the German fishing magazine “Der Raubfisch” visits Fishing in Sweden for a family vacation with some pike and zander fishing at the lake system Bunn & Ören.

Download article: Räuber am Rande – Erholungsurlaub und Angeln in Schweden

Sweden: Fiskefeber, April 2015, Page 2 – 8

“Haspel vs Multi –  Vad säger proffsen?”

Summary: Fishing guide Henrik Olsson explains why he likes to use spinning reels when spin fishing for big pike in fall and spring.

Download article: Fiskefeber – Haspel vs. Multirulle

Switzerland: Petri Heil, March 2015, Page 46 – 49

“Pelagisch in Schweden – Zander im Freiwasser”

Summary: Fishing guide Henrik Olsson provides an introduction to pelagic vertical fishing for big zander in Sweden.

Download article: Zander Angeln – Pelagisch in Schweden – Zander im Freiwasser

Germany: Am Haken, January 2015, Cover & Page 20 – 21

“10 Abenteuer für Angler – Gehen Sie Eisangeln in Schweden”

Summary: The German fishing magazine “Am Haken” presents 10 must do adventures for every fisherman – among these ice fishing for big pike in Sweden!

Download article: Sorry, no download available.

Austria: Blinker / Fangfrisch, December 2014, Page 6 – 9

“Im Bann des Bunn – Pelagisches Vertikalangeln auf Freiwasserzander”

Summary: Fishing journalist & blogger Andreas Zachbauer tells how he experienced a fishing & family vacation with Fishing in Sweden. He stayed in one of our fishing cottages, tested one of our rental boats, enjoyed a guided tour with fishing guide Henrik Olsson and broke his pike PB.

Download article: Angeluralub auf Zander in Schweden – pelagisches Vertikalngeln

Germany: Route & Rolle November 2014, Page 28 – 33

“Speedjigging auf Saibling – Vollgas am Vättern”

Summary: The two fishing journalist Florian Läufer & Christian Fuchert from the German fishing magazine “Rute & Rolle” follow swedish fishing guide Henrik Olsson for some char fishing on lake Vättern and experience a massive surprise catch!

Download article: Vättern See – Saibling Angeln in Schweden

Watch the video: Bissclips TV – Speedjiggen auf Saiblinge am Vättern See in Schweden

Germany: Route & Rolle, September 2014, Cover & Page 6 – 11

“Zander, Schwedens Top-See: Stora Nätaren – Smålands Zanderzentrum”

Summary: Florian Läufer & Christian Fuchert from the German fishing magazine “Rute & Rolle” spend one week in our fishing cottage at lake Stora Nätaren to go zander fishing. Fishing guide Henrik Olsson joins them to do some pelagic vertical zander fishing and crack Christian’s PB.

Download article: Zander Schweden – Stora Nätaren – Smalands Zanderzentrum

Watch the video: Bissclips TV – Smalands Zander Zentrum der Stora Nätaren

Lithuania: Fishing TV Show “Šiandien kimba, May 2014, 2 Episodes

Watch the video: Pelagic verical jigging for zander episode 1

Watch the video: Pelagic vertical for zander in Sweden episode 2