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Jörgen Larsson and #sandyandy from #WestinFishing at work! This #trout could not resist Sandy Andy 150mm in the color Tobis Ammo. Go and visit Jörgen and many other team Westin-Fishing members this weekend at the Swedish Sportfishing fair #sportfiskemässan, at monter A17:48 in Stockholm! /Michael #FishinginSweden #fishing #angeln

Posted by Fishing in Sweden on Saturday, March 19, 2016


With Europe’s 5th biggest lake (Vättern) situated on our doorstep we can offer a one of a kind char fishing experience. Traditionally trolling is the most common method of char fishing on lake Vättern, but we can offer a revolutionary and much more exciting method on our guided fishing tours: Vertical Speed Jigging with light gear. Usually carried out pelagically at depth of up to 20m, you will be able to see the char chasing your lure in real time on the sonar screen. Due to the chars fast and aggressive behavior this method is clearly the most exiting way of fishing for char. Trout and salmon are a common bycatch while fishing for arctic char on lake Vättern. You will find 2 German language articles describing Vertical Speed Jigging for Char in detail on our Press & Media Page.

The best time of the year are the hot summer days in July and August, which makes Char Fishing in Sweden a great summer vacation adventure. The season ends in mid September when char fishing is limited while the fish are preparing for spawning.

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When booking one of our guided fishing tours for char on lake Vättern please keep in mind the size of lake Vättern. We suggest you plan for a 10h full day trip to allow for enough fishing time even after a 30 minute boat ride to the fishing spot. Shorter guided fishing tours are unfortunately not suitable for lake Vättern and switching of the guest in the boat is not possible due to the distance to shore. [fblike url=”” style=”standard” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial” ]

Guided Char Fishing Tours in Sweden: Learn Vertical Speed Jigging

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