Pike Fishing in Sweden – Northern Pike

South Sweden offers various opportunities for pike fishing: from smaller, shallow and turbid lakes to huge, deep and very clear lakes like Vättern. Fishing methods vary depending on the type of lake and range from pelagic vertical jigging for pike, spin- and jerkbait- fishing to trolling. The best period for pike fishing in Smaland begins in mid October and continuous through November until the ice hits and we switch to ice fishing.

The pre-spawning pike fishing in open water in early spring is usually difficult, but also very rewarding as the weight of the pike peaks during this period. A few weeks after spawning in April, the pike start feeding aggressively and are easy to catch until the water hits summer temperatures in June and the big specimens move into deeper open water. During summer we therefore offer pelagic vertical jigging for pike directly targeting big open water pike. In fall and spring we mainly focus on spin fishing.

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Pike Fishing in Sweden Gear Recommendations

Massive pike on ShadTeez

Massive #pike for our great friend Elias Narvelo during his last visit here at Fishing in Sweden! Very well deserved! / Henrik & Michael

Posted by Fishing in Sweden on Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spin Fishing for Pike in Sweden

Lures: Shad Jigs 15 to 30 cm, large spinner baits, jerks, swimbaits or wobblers.

Leader: When pike fishing we prefer to use a slightly longer 1m leader to avoid damage from rolling pike. Material: titanium or 1,00 mm fluorocarbon.

Line: 0,25 to 0,35 braided line.

Rod, Reel, Line & Lure Combinations: Here some setups that we frequently use when spin fishing for big pike:

Westin W4 Powercast 8’6″ <130 g + spinning reel + 0,25 to 0,28mm braided line OR W8 Powercast-T 8’6″ <130 g + baitcaster reel + 0,30mm braided line + Westin Monster Vibe (65g);  Shad Teez 22cm / 27cm (100g + weight, although the bigger one is pushing it); Westin Swim 12cm (58g); Westin Jätte 19cm (65g) / 23cm (101g); Platypus 19cm (94g); Westin Monsterfly; Monster Teez 20cm (53g+weight) unrigged mount with jighead up to 30 gr or shallow screw; Mike the Pike 20cm (70g); Percy the Perch 20cm (100g)

Westin W4 Power shad-T  8’6″, 60 to 180g + baitcaster reel + 0,33mm braided line + Westin Jätte 23cm (101g); Shad Teez 27cm (100g + weight);  Tommy the Trout 25cm (160g)

Westin Dynamic Powercast-T; 8’6″, 120 to 260g for the heaviest lures + baitcaster reel + 0,35mm braided line + Mike the Pike 28cm (184g); Westin Shad Teez 27cm (100g + weight)

Brutal 1,20m pike!

120 cm pike on #westinswim 😎/Henrik 🇸🇪 #originalswim #westinfishing #westinlures #w8rods #gädda #pike #northernpike #hecht #snoek #hauki #luccio #brochet #fishing #fiske #Alumacraft #Westgear #fiskeoutdoor

Posted by Fishing in Sweden on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pelagic Pike Fishing in Sweden

Pike Strike – Fishing in Sweden

Pike strike! Check out the super fast attack of this big headed freewater #pike on the Westin-Fishing TwinTeez during pelagic vertical jigging for pike! /Michael

Lure & Rod: Westin-Fishing Germany
Boat: Alumacraft by WestGear AB

Posted by Fishing in Sweden on Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lures: Big non action soft lures, 8-10 inch with a 3/0 treble hook. We mainly use the Westin Fishing Mega Teez on a 40 gr jighead. A good alternative could be a modified 25cm Westin Fishing HypoTeez or Westin ShadTeez.

Leader: Between the lure and the main line we suggest to use a 1,0m long titanium leader.

Line: We use 0,22 braided line.

Rod: A powerful vertical rod with sufficient back bone is recommended. We use the Westin W4 Vertical Jigging-T  QL 6’2″ XXH 35-64 gr made for this style of fishing.

Reel: For dropping the lure in a controlled way, a small – medium sized baitcaster reel is the best choice. Any small baitcaster with a good break will do the job, we mainly use the Quantum Exo 201. Spinning reels are not an option!

Trolling for Pike in Sweden

Lures: Mainly big wobbler and swimbaits.

Leader: When pike fishing we prefer to use a slightly longer 1m leader to avoid damage from rolling pike. Material: titanium or 1,00 mm fluorocarbon.

Line: 0,30 to 0,35 braided line.

Rod: W3 Trolling 8’6″, 60 to 180g, well suitable for side planers + Westin Jätte; Platypus; Mike the Pike 28cm (184g) ; Tommy the Trout 25cm (160g)

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