Zander Fishing: Pelagic Vertical Jigging

Pelagic Vertical Jigging for Zander

Jakob was curious about pelagic vertical jigging and decided to book a guided tour with Fishing in Sweden to learn the tricks. On todays tour his biggest zander was this awesome 85 cm beast who brutally locked its jaws around a Westin-Fishing Slim Teez 9” color Alabama. The Fishing in Sweden Team.

Fishing in Sweden for Trout on Lake Vättern

70cm trout while vertical speed jigging

During todays guided fishing tour our guest Henrik and his friends from Stockholm caught this gorgeous 70cm trout on lake Vättern while vertical speed jigging for #char with light gear – a great and surprising bycatch! Tomorrow the three friends continue their guided fishing weekend with some pelagic vertical jigging for big zander with us. […]

Pelagic Vertical Jigging for Zander

„Šiandien kimba“ visits

„Šiandien kimba“ visits : All our Lithuanian fans should definitely check out the following two episodes from „Šiandien kimba“ that visited us in the beginning of May 2014. Pelagic verical jigging for zander episode 1: Pelagic vertical for zander in Sweden episode 2:

Zander Fishing in Sweden

Happy easter / zander fishing weekend!!

Zander Fishing with : Pelagic vertical jigging is a weird and super addictive mind game where the zander owns you completely most of the time. Luckily there are some short moments here and there where you can forget all previous failure and hardship and feel like a winner. This pregnant lady found in free […]

new Westin-Fishing website

New Website for Westin-Fishing

Make sure you check out Westin-Fishing’s new website , loaded with new top quality fishing gear! All of you who haes contacted us with questions about where to get “Mike The Pike” will find the shops listed on the new site.